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Alaska Energy Futures

Exploring the technologies of tomorrow and how they impact Alaska’s energy future


Alaska is an energy producing and exporting state, with abundant renewable and fossil energy resources. Alaska is also one of the most energy intensive places in the world, with one of the highest per capita energy use rates on the planet. Globally, there has been a tremendous shift toward decarbonization of our energy supply, with new technologies ranging from renewable generation, energy storage, micronuclear reactors, and production of next generation fuels creating new and constantly evolving opportunities. What do these emerging technologies mean for the future of Alaska, both related to domestic use and for Alaska’s role in an evolving global energy economy?

This series of four virtual workshops will be held monthly as two half-day Zoom sessions, free of charge, leading up to the Alaska Sustainable Energy Conference: May 24th – 26th at the Dena’ina Center in Anchorage, Alaska.

All workshops will be Live on Zoom.

Dates, Topics and Workshop Descriptions

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FEBRUARY 1ST – 2ND | Nuclear Energy in Alaska: The Issues, The Opportunities

Industry and government efforts worldwide are seeking to field a new generation of small nuclear reactors as combined heat and power resources. What unknowns exist that would need to be resolved in order to determine whether this technology could play a significant role in Alaska’s future energy mix? This workshop is organized in a way to help address some of the questions and concerns of Alaskans related to nuclear energy, organized around four key themes:

1. Does the technology exist?
2. Is it safe?
3. Is it economic?
4. Is it environmentally and socially responsible?

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Nuclear Energy in Alaska Day 1

Nuclear Energy in Alaska Day 2

March 1ST – 2ND | Going with the Flow: Ocean and River Energy
Alaska is estimated to have 90% of U.S. tidal energy resources and 50% of the U.S. wave energy and in-river energy resources. A number of small-scale test deployments and demonstration projects have been installed in Alaska over the past decade, but challenges to large-scale adoption remain. Globally:

  • What is the current and emerging status of hydrokinetic energy technologies?
  • What are the key challenges for their implementation in Alaska?
  • What are the applicable lessons learned with other variable renewables?
  • How do Alaska use-case scenarios compare with those elsewhere?




Ocean and River Energy in Alaska Day 1

Ocean and River Energy in Alaska Day 2

APRIL 5TH – 6TH | Hydrogen in the “Hy” North: Decarbonizing Fuels
Domestically and internationally, interest and investment are growing rapidly in the use of hydrogen and hydrogen carriers (like ammonia) for energy storage, power generation, and transportation.

  • What exactly is happening with hydrogen elsewhere in the nation and the world?
  • What are the economic, policy and technology drivers (and constraints) for its implementation in the Alaska context?
  • Are there regional or scale considerations related to its adoption?
  • Could Alaska someday export hydrogen as an energy commodity?




Hydrogen in the “Hy” North Day 1

Hydrogen in the “Hy” North Day 2

MAY 3RD – 4TH | Electrify EVERYTHING!?

This workshop will build on the foundation established at the recent Electrify Alaska! Conference in Cordova. Ongoing efforts across the state are exploring cold climate heat pumps, dispatchable thermal loads, and electric vehicles of many types (even airplanes!).

  • What best practices are emerging?
  • What makes something work in one location and not another?
  • How can these systems enhance microgrid electrical and financial performance?
  • What don’t we know about space and water heating requirements?
  • Are there lessons learned from rural AK that could be applied in more urban markets, like the Railbelt?



Electrify EVERYTHING!? Day 1

Electrify EVERYTHING!? Day 2

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