[ˈrēˌsôrs, rəˈsôrs]
a stock or supply of materials, and other assets that can be drawn on by a person or organization in order to function effectively.

provide (a person or organization) with materials, and other assets necessary for effective operation.

Outreach Items

Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness 7 Day Survival Kit

AK Are you prepared for an Earthquake?

AK Boaters Brochure

COVID-19 Planning for Families with Children

FLASH Alaska Preparedness Guide

Good Better Best Booklet

Prepare in a Year

Prepare with Pedro - Disaster Preparedness Activity Book

Ready Pets

Travel Safety - Alaska

Tsunami: The great waves

My Emergency Plan

Prepare In A Year - Water

Prepare in a Year- Communication Plan

Mitigation Items

Engineering With Nature

FEMA Generator Job Aid

Mitigation Ideas

Mitigation Planning Process

Mitigation Planning Benefits

Visual - HMP Planning Flyer

Speaker Presentations

Access and Functional Needs and Lessons Learned by David Newman

Access and Functional Needs and Lessons Learned by Katey Redmond

Alaska’s Pandemic Response Organization – Lessons Learned by Bryan Fisher

Anchorage School District response to the COVID-19 Pandemic by Jen and Ashley

Building an Empowered Team by Jay Pullins

Community Resilience Capacity Metrics for Critical Infrastructure by Rick Murrell

Creating and Maintaining Employee Volunteer Responder Teams by Ron Swartz

River Watch and APRFC's River Observer Program by Crane

FEMA Region 10 Preparedness Conference 2021

Integrated Preparedness Planning Workshop

Planning for Families with Children in a COVID 19 Environment

Public Information During a Pandemic

Running a Successful COVID Drive-Up Testing Site

The Role of the LEPC in Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Planning

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