Global Autonomous Systems Conference

Tuesday, August 13 –
Thursday, August 15, 2024

Dena’ina Civic and Convention Center                                      Anchorage, Alaska

Photo Credit: Nick Adkins

The 2024 conference will start in...









ACUASI’s research and development in unmanned aircraft technology continues to break new ground. Our location on the map places us at the global crossroads of international transportation and logistics, and investment, innovation, and practical application of unmanned aircraft technology have the potential to meaningfully improve the lives of countless Alaskans. For those reasons and more, the University of Alaska is pleased to welcome attendees to this year’s Global Autonomous Systems Conference, and I look forward to seeing the progress that will result.

Pat Pitney

President, University of Alaska

With Alaska’s extreme terrain and climate challenges, autonomous systems like drones and robots allow us to safely and expertly provide search and rescue operations, conduct wildlife and environmental monitoring, and deploy emergency logistics. Autonomous systems are transforming how the State of Alaska serves and protects our people, resources and wildlife.”
Mike Dunleavy

Governor, State of Alaska

Hosted by the University of Alaska and the State of Alaska

Proudly sponsored by The Alaska Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration

“I believe that, in the future, whoever holds Alaska will hold the world…
I think it is the most important strategic place in the world.”
-Billy Mitchell


Join us for the second annual Global Autonomous Systems Conference to continue the in-depth conversations between practitioners, researchers, and policy makers about the current state and future of autonomous systems and artificial intelligence in Alaska, across the Nation, and around the world. The three day conference will include presentations from worldwide experts, conversations among policy and industry leaders, and opportunities to connect with visionaries in autonomy systems.


Get a glimpse of how drone research technology is helping monitor infrastructure and support rural Alaska communities.

The 2024 conference is proudly sponsored by:

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